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Welcome to ADZ one website !!!

On this website you can download to discover, view and review lots of Amiga demos / dentros / intros / slideshows / diskmags ... from the Amiga DemoScene. (from 1989 to 1996)

Formats : OCS, ECS, AGA only on floppy image files .ADZ
.ADZ files are .ADF floppy image zipped. Use a tool like WinZip to extract ADF files from ADZ files

Note that all the stuff present here was dumped (transformed) by leZone and comes from his own collect. All is freeware because it's from the DemoScene.



Configurations needed for the demos must be the most standard as possible :
- A500 demo = Amiga 500 , 512Kb Chip ram , 512Kb Fast ram , Kickstart 1.3 , OCS or ECS chipset
- A1200 demo = Amiga 1200, 2Mb Chip ram , Kickstart 3 (original stock version), AgA chipset

Additionnal infos can be found under each demo description like :
- A1200 = ok run => A500 demo wich work as is on A1200 without modifications
- A1200 = D-O => early boot option : Disable CPU Caches + Chip-Type Original
- A1200 = 1.3 => need a ram relokick or a real kickstart 1.3 to run
- A1200 + Fast => need 4Mb Fast ram on A1200 stock
- A500 A1200= only for A500 computer
- AgA A500= only for AgA computers like A1200/A4000, NOT for A500/A600/A2000/A3000!
- Hidden part = read to find the hidden part(s)

A1200 early startup explanations on


Last update : 03-2021

It's time to clean the code from old scripts and dead links.
Compatibility on A1200 and informations added

Last update : 30-11-2006

This server is able to store some Gb, so i will push some ADF files i own from a DvD Rom.
But i have not the time to update webpages or screenshots, i'll add just the links to download them.
Take a look to the TCP packs webpage for the first updates, collection of TCP Packs is now complete!

Last update : 19-12-2005

This website was hacked by gay brazilian childs and old server was destroyed in 2005.
So this site may stay dead until a guy called JFD email me and gives me an account to push online again this website.
ADZ-one reborn now, I (Zone) have no time to update this website, because of real life and other things.
Perhaps one day i'll take some hours to complete the site, because i own lots of other intro-packs for Amiga computer wich are not here.

Last update : 14-06-2004

This website contains more than 500 floppy disk images, so more than 1000 productions (demos or intros in packs).
I actually work to update this website, it take lots of hours of work! Take a look every month ,)

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